TU38 Registration

You can register for Tigers United 38 online at http://tu38.eventzilla.net or, if your prefer, by paper using the link below to get the registration form. If you have any questions about registration please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Click Here for TU38 Registration Form

TU38 Hotel Reservations

To reserve your room at the Lions Gate hotel please book through the direct line and not the 800 number. 


TU38 Schedule of Events

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Registration: 4:00-7:00 PM, Lions Gate Hotel Lobby Poolside Patio

Tech Inspection: 4:00-7:00 PM, Designated Parking Lot

Welcome Gathering: Hors d'oeuvres and No Host Cocktails from 5:00-8:00 PM, Lions Gate Poolside Patio

Hospitality Suite: 8:00 PM until the party stops!


Friday, June 23, 2017

Registration and Tech Inspection: 7:45 AM-8:30 AM, Auto-X Site

Autocross Drivers Meeting: 8:30 AM, MEGA LOT, Behind McClellan Park

Autocross: 9:00 AM-3:00 PM, MEGA LOT, Behind McClellan Park. Lunch will be served.

Martha Christiansen Talk: 7:00 P.M., Hospitality Suite Patio

Hospitality Suite Hours: 7:00 P.M.----Until the party stops!

Hospitality Suite: 7:00 PM-?????


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Rally: 8:00 AM- 10:00 AM Start, Last Car Returns by 2:00 PM, Tiger Parking Lot at Lions Gate Hotel

Quiz: McClellan House or Lions Gate Lobby (TBA) 3:30 PM- 5:00 PM

Guest Speaker: 7:00 PM-8:00 PM, Mike Jones at the Hospitality Suite. Dessert will be served. An informal discuss led by Hap Hazard will follow about boosting Tiger interest in younger generations.

Hospitality Suite: 7:00 PM-?????


Sunday, June 25, 2017

Concours: 9:00 AM (rags down)-3:00 PM at the McClellan Mall Behind the Lions Gate Hotel Pool Patio. Lunch will be served.

Awards Banquet: 4:00 PM-8:00 PM at the Lions Gate Hotel

Hospitality Suite: 8:00 PM-?????


**Merchandise Sales and Swap-n-Shop will be ongoing. Times will depend on the events and staffing availability. **

Mike Jones - TU38 Guest Speaker

The Tiger community is fortunate this year to have Mike Jones as guest speaker at Tigers United 38.  Mike played a significant role in the design and development of the production Tiger.  His contributions helped to take a prototype, which was developed in the U.S., to the production Tiger produced in the U.K.

After earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Mike Jones began his career working as an engineer for Rootes Group.  In 1964, Mike left Rootes for a job at Jensen Motors as Chassis Project Engineer.  For the first 18 months in this position, Mike worked closely with Jensen Chief Engineer Kevin Beattie, concentrating mostly on Sunbeam Tiger chassis design and initial development.  Having worked at Rootes previously, they both understood their development process which aided the collaboration with Rootes engineers Alec Caine and Don Tarbun. 

While Mike was employed by Jensen, the company was responsible for the designs of unique Tiger components, builds of prototypes, and basic road testing of each prototype.  As background, Tiger sheet metal modifications were made to painted and trimmed bodies as shipped from Pressed Steel Company.  Those sheet metal modifications were carried out by Jensen on a separate production line from the final assembly line.  The Tiger’s final assembly line was separate from Austin Healey and Jensen production builds and used a separate production labor force.   

Developing the Tiger presented significant challenges -- having to convert a Shelby one-off prototype into a viable production design within a tight budget and short time schedule.  Mike was instrumental in numerous aspects of the Tiger production design, such as improving steering geometry and handling, minimizing rear axle tramp and brake fade, improving engine cooling, as well as analyzing and mitigating engine failures.   

Mike Jones was eventually promoted to Chief Engineer at Jensen.  In 1975, he left Jensen and and went on to work for Ford, British Leyland, Lotus, GM and Chrysler.  Mike retired in 2008 after leaving a significant mark on the automotive industry.  He is currently working as a volunteer in the Historical Section of the Society of Automotive Engineers, is a Fellow with the UK Institution of Mechanical Engineers, and a Member of the Society of Automotive Engineers, USA. 

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear history from the man who helped make our Tigers.

Classification Guidelines

Three classes will be available for authentic Sunbeam Tigers:

  1. Factory Stock
  2. Personalized
  3. Modified

An additional class has been established for other Rootes Vehicles. This class is for presentation only and will not be judged (this may change if we have enough vehicles to make a judged class).

Factory Stock

This class is intended for Tiger owners who are attempting to retain their Tigers as close to original as possible. All LAT options are allowed and attempts to replace worn original equipment such as paint, upholstery, and trim as closely as possible are accepted and encouraged. Modifications from stock and miscellaneous additions will tend to reduce points in this class.


This class is intended for Tiger owners who have personalized their cars to suit their own intended uses and desires. Tigers in this class must clearly retain their visual identity as Tigers. This has proven to be the most popular class in the past and personal modifications must be limited. Major modifications are not appropriate and these would include non-LAT fender flairs, running gear modifications including: engine changes beyond small block Fords (i.e. big block Ford, Chevy, Hemi, etc.), transmission changes beyond Ford Top Loader or T-10 (i.e. automatic, and 5-speeds, etc.), and rear end changes beyond the stock Dana (i.e. independent rear suspension, narrowed rear end, etc.), gearing and positraction changes to the stock rear end are accepted. Wheel size in this class are limited to 13” and 14” diameters with widths not to exceed 7 ½ “.


This class is intended for Tiger owners who have substantially altered their vehicles appearance and/or made major engineering changes. These would include but are not limited to such modifications as supercharging, fuel-injection, Webber carburetion, transmission changes from stock, brake (rear disc) and significant suspension design (non-stock steering rack) changes. Wheel diameters of 15” or greater and non-LAT fender flair beyond should be entered into this class.

Other Rootes Vehicles

This class is for all other Rootes cars. If enough other Rootes cars are entered into TU XXXVI, separate classes may be established.

If you are having difficulty classifying your Tiger, please ask one of your fellow Tiger owners that has been to a Tiger’s United or one of the TU 38 committee members.


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