Tigers United XXXVIII Quiz Answers

By Bill Martin

Instructions: Guess, write, check, circle or crumple

  1. This is the 50th anniversary of what? End of Tiger Production
  2. How many Sunbeam Tigers were actually constructed? 7085
  3. How many Mark II Tigers were built? 536
  4. There were 82 LAT options listed in various sources. How many were available during production? 79
  5. How many stripes are on a Mark II stripe? 5
  6. How many Tigers cam with a true Cobra shift lever? 57 or 56
  7. What color was the original Exhaust system? A) Bare Steel B) Silver or C) Black
  8. What do you use "Rootes Shiner" for? Windshield Wiper Fluid
  9. What color is the wire in the Hi-Beam circuit? Blue with White Stripe
  10. Was an original LAT 79 Hood screened or not? Yes
  11. All new cars use lots of plastic. How many pieces of plastic are on the outside of a Mark 1/1A Tiger? 13 Mark II? 12
  12. How many Footman loops are in the trunk of a Mark II Tiger? 5
  13. How many Mark II's came with no Pentastar on the right front fender? A) None B) Four C) Six D) 10 or more
  14. How many metal identification tags were affixed to a Tiger?
  15. All Tigers came from the factory with a Lucas Battery. What was the model name of the Battery? Road King How many cells did it have? 6
  16. Cables are wonderful items. They connect all sorts of things together. If you have a Mark II you will have 2 fewer cables than a Mark I. How many is that? 10 (Speedo, Throttle, Heater, Vent, Shift Lever, Soft Top, Big Boot Door, Main Positive, Ground, Starter, E-brake)
  17. Universal joints are also very cool items. How many are there on a Tiger? 4 How many bolts affix them? 7
  18. Instead of a JAL tab what would one expect to find as the body identifier o a South African assembled Tiger? IALP
  19. What are the 2 engine family suffixes found on Mark II engines? A11KK and A22KK
  20. On a right hand drive Tiger what side of the column is the turn signal switch on? Right
  21. Two different colors were used on the Tiger front suspension as inspection markings. What were the colors? A) Green and Yellow B) White and Orange C) White and Green D) Yellow and Red
  22. How many pieces of brass were used in the construction of a Tiger? A) 5 B) 7 C) 10 D) 12 or more (>40)
  23. How many "Auto T" marked bolts are on a Tiger? A) 12 B) 20 C) 28 D) 30 or more (>40)
  24. If you disassembled a Sunbeam Tiger completely how many pieces of aluminum would have in your recycle pile? A) 40-50 pieces B) 50-60 pieces C) 60-70 pieces D) 70 or more (82)
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