Tigers United XXXVI Quiz Answers

By Bill Martin

Instructions: Guess, write, check, circle or crumple.

  1. Tigers United was held at Lake Tahoe in 2003. What was the TU#? 27 In Roman Numerals? XXVII

  2. Who was the guest speaker? Carrol Shelby

  3. How much money did he make per Tiger produced? $5.00

  4. How many LAT options were available? 82

  5. What is LAT 24? Rear Differential Cooler

  6. How many lights bulbs are on a standard, no options Mark 1 or 1A Tiger? 21 How many for a GT? 22

  7. How many light bulbs on a Mark II Tiger? 23

  8. How many different interior colors could be ordered when purchasing a Mark I Tiger? 4

  9. Trim rivets are used to fasten the horizontal trim and lower dash finisher on a Mark I/IA - How many? 44

  10. How many rocker molding clips were used on a Mark II? 18

  11. Who was in charge of the LAT program? Richard “Dick” Wheatley

  12. What was the Tiger called in Europe? Alpine 260/Alpine V8

  13. An original tonneau cover has how many lift-the-dot fasteners? 12

  14. The stock Tiger steering wheel is what diameter? 15-1/2”

  15. How many revolutions of the window crank does it take to roll the window down (or up)? 5

  16. Name the author who wrote the first book on the Sunbeam Tiger? Gordon Chittenden

  17. How many turns (lock-to-lock) is a stock Tiger steering rack? 3.2

  18. What size bore is the clutch master cylinder? 5/8ths

  19. What size tires came on the Tiger? 590/13

  20. Who was the manufacturer of the LAT 21 Lightweight French Horn set? Mixo

Bonus Question: List the items of real leather used on the Sunbeam Tiger.

Outer Axel Seals (2)
Inner Axel Seals (2)
Pinnion Seal (1)
Brake Booster (1)
Dip Stick (1)

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